Zombicide Green Horde Insert – Assembly Instructions

Equipment and Preparation

To assemble the trays you will need:

  • Wood glue/PVA, ideally quick drying with a fine nozzle on the bottle.
  • Paper towel, for cleaning up excess glue.
  • Piece of card, or something to protect your work surface.  You will get glue on it!
  • Scissors (felt lined versions), for trimming felt strips to length.
  • Sandpaper (optional), for cleaning up burn marks on boxes.
  • The kit you are trying to assemble!

Tray Assembly

There are a number of different trays for miniatures and game content in the Green Horde insert. Below you will find details of how to assemble each of the different types.

If you have ordered an insert with felt lining, the felt comes in pre-sliced sheets listing which type of tray it is for

We would recommend building trays in this order, as the complexity increases further down the list.

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