Zombicide Green Horde – Trebuchet Tray – Assembly Instructions

Felt Lining

If not felt lining your insert, you can skip this step. The trebuchet tray uses one of the spare long strips labelled “Abominations”.

  1. Cut a strip of felt out of the Abominations sheet, by cutting at each end.
  2. Run a thin line of glue around the inside of slots on the trebuchet holder piece, and along the top as well, as shown below.
  3. Fold the felt strip approximately a third of the way along and slide it into the bottom slot, with the two thirds end towards the top, ready for the second slot.
  4. Gently push the strip into the corners of the slot. Using the back of the blade of the scissors might help make this easier.
  5. Wrap the strip around the corner between the slots, then create another fold in the felt which you can push down the second slot to the bottom.
  6. Wrap the remains of the strip on to the top edge and secure on the remaining glue.
  7. Finally once dry, trim the excess felt to length.

Tray assembly

Assembling the tray is relatively simple.

  1. Lay out the pieces as shown.
  2. Apply a thin line of glue along the areas shown below
  3. Insert the trebuchet holder into the slot on the base, then fold up the side of the tray.
  4. Fold up the remaining sides of the tray.
  5. Work around the outside of the tray squeezing together all of the joints and wiping up excess glue that comes out using a paper towel.

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